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George Street Primary Schools Outdoor Early Years Development

A Space Where Learning Comes Alive at George Street Primary School

George Street Primary School based in Hemel Hempstead wanted to revitalise their EYFS outdoor space by providing areas of intrigue for their curious learners.

Mark Slatter, one of our knowledgeable Playground Consultants met with Headteacher, Angela Hughes to discuss the exciting vision staff pictured for the space and how best to meet the needs of the children across EYFS.

A class of children running around their playground

Providing More Opportunities for Physical Development

Enhancing physical development was a top priority for George Street Primary. We decided to extend the designated area for physical activity by installing our ever-popular Artificial Grass Playturf. This amazing surfacing option is safe to use in all weather and soft to the touch whilst also being extremely durable and long-lasting.

The EYFS team decided upon two key pieces that would help children to develop essential gross motor skills. The Harter Fell is a challenging, open-ended climber which allows young children to progress at their own pace by offering numerous entry, exit and crossing points. Pupils have been improving their upper body strength and carefully considering foot placement.

A class of children jumping off the climbing frame in their playground

The Climb Through Tunnel Hill has proven to be a favourite piece with pupils. The hill acts as a great base for imaginative games as children scramble through the tunnel, race up the sides and roll down the hill. The hill adds an extra dimension to the space and has encouraged collaborative play and problem-solving.
Underneath the Artificial Grass Playturf surrounding these pieces we added a safety impact shock pad layer to provide ultimate protection from falls for our youngest learners.

Creating an Outdoor Classroom

George Street Primary was keen to provide an outdoor classroom for reception pupils, similar to their outdoor nursery environment. We created a purpose-built, 9m by 4m canopy which linked to the existing nursery structure and spanned the length of the reception classroom.

Transitions between the indoor and outdoor classroom are now much smoother and children can take part in new and interesting outdoor learning opportunities in all weather conditions.

A timber outdoor classroom at George street primary school

Situated under the canopy is the new water play zone. A Water Wall with Damming Package allows children to develop their understanding of capacity by filling and pouring various containers. Fine motor skills are developed as pupils manipulate equipment by emptying, stirring, squeezing, pushing and pulling.

We opted for a different type of surfacing in the area surrounding the canopy. Blue wet pour brightens the space and provides an impact-absorbing safety surface, ideal for active play.

Helping to Zone the Spaces

In order to separate the nursery and reception areas we installed Bow Top Timber Fencing and added a swing gate for easy access when needed. Our natural timber fencing is aesthetically pleasing and blends seamlessly into the outdoor play space.

The new outdoor area is a fantastic extension of the learning environment, creating an inviting and interesting place for play.

George Street Primary commented, “The service we received was excellent both pre and during installation. The team were accommodating, hard-working and able to make any adjustments needed. We would definitely recommend Pentagon Play to other schools.”

climb through tunnel hill for primary schools

It was wonderful to observe happy, engaged, resilient pupils on our return visit to George Street Primary. Their new playspace certainly encompasses their school vision, ‘Where Learning Comes Alive.’

If you would like to redevelop your outdoor play space like George Street Primary School In Hemel Hempstead, get in contact with one of our friendly team members here.