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Kersey Primary School’s EYFS Playground Equipment

Enhancing Learning Through Play With EYFS Playground Equipment


Kersey CE VC Primary School approached us to help transform their EYFS playground into a wonderful outdoor learning environment that promotes the curriculum.

Working with the Suffolk primary school, Marion Rolph has improved their EYFS playground by installing a wide range of playground equipment to enhance learning through play at the school.

Physical Development


To promote physical development in the small play area, we installed our amazing, low-level Harter Fell Climber was a brilliant addition for little explorers.

Enhancing their key physical skills, the climber has enabled the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, upper and lower body strength, along with their core stability as they swing from the ropes and traverse across the rounded logs.

The area is full of monkeys climbing the tree, reaching and stretching for the branches above.

School Playground Climbing Frames

As the children participate in imaginative play games using the climber as a focal point, their communication, language and social skills develop through play.

We loved hearing the children make the noise of monkeys and orangutans as they reached the jungles skyline!

Underneath the energetic challenge, our artificial grass playground surfacing has created a vibrant area that allows the children to take safe risks, without the danger of serious injury.

Playground Climbing Frames For EYFS

Messy Play


An amazing sand dig pit, placed at the end of a Rope and Pulley Materials Mover, has created an inspiring messy play zone for fine motor skill development and investigative play.

Investigating the pulley mechanisms is a favourite of the children as they work together to move the sand from the dig pit to another area of the playground, pretending they are engineers trying to repair a sand fort that has been damaged by the rain.

Teamwork is needed as they push and pull to transport the materials using the rope and pully materials mover – contributing towards their understanding of the world and social skill development.

Sand Play Equipment For Schools

Den Making and Playhouses


Enhancing imaginative play in the playground is our amazing Giant Playhouse. This fantastic playground resource encourages children to transport themselves to different imaginary worlds as they participate in role play.

From shop keepers to travel agents, the giant playhouse inspires creativity as they try different roles on for size.

The den making holes featured at the top of the playhouse and chalkboard at the rear of the playhouse supports role play activities as the children scribble and draw or teachers use these excellent resources to guide play – promoting literacy and fine motor skill development.

Playground playhouses for EYFS

Our amazing Den Making Posts feature in the playground, too! The children can use the holes to thread and weave materials, creating spectacular dens. Role play, imaginative play or simply relaxation and reading, this is an excellent open-ended resource for the children.

As if they are soldiers hiding from the monster terrorising the city, debating their strategy plan, the cargo net and camouflage has excelled their imaginary play – creating a base for conversation and role play to take play.

Playground Equipment For EYFS

Musical Play Equipment


The school wanted the children to be able to explore Musical Instruments in the playground: where they can feel free and make as much noise as they want, without disturbing other classes around.

The Chimes and Bongo Drums are a sure favourite for the children as they work together to create different rhythms and form their own band, practising before hitting the stage to perform in front of a huge audience – promoting sensory play and co-operation.

Outdoor Musical Instruments For Schools

Timber Canopy


Adjacent to the school building, we installed a fantastic Timber Canopy to provide the children with an excellent free flow play environment, that provides shade and shelter from the elements.

As an extension to the indoor classroom, the school have placed tables and chairs underneath the canopy to provide an area for the children to enjoy snack time in the fresh air.

Timber Canopies For Schools

It is a very versatile, open-ended area that can be used for a range of different activities, at different times of the day.

If you would like to improve your playground to promote the early years curriculum outdoors, please feel free to Contact Us Here for a free no obligation quotation. You can also view our full range of EYFS Playground Equipment.

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