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A Full KS1 Playground Design for Fernwood Infant School

The Customer

Fernwood Infants School aspires to provide an education for their pupils that supports them as they grow and flourish into adulthood.

Ensuring that all pupils have access to a safe and inclusive environment to learn and play in, Fernwood Infants School contacted Pentagon Play to redesign their Key Stage One space for their Year 1 and Year 2 pupils.

children playing on new KS1 playground design

The Objectives

When initially contacting Pentagon Play, Fernwood Infants School knew that they wanted to create a space that invited their pupils to explore their imagination, and that allowed creative play opportunities.

One of the things that really took their eye was the Bespoke Treehouses on our website.

boy playing on wooden play structure

The school expressed a desire to add something to their space that had a lot of entry and exit possibilities for their pupils to explore, navigating the space and building their problem-solving skills as they went.

Outdoor Learning Consultant, Dan Young, got to work designing a space that incorporated all of these elements into one bright and inviting environment.

key figures for Fernwood playground project

Our Approach

Rather than a Tree House, Dan opted for something a little more bespoke for Fernwood Infant School, that really supported their wish to add creative opportunities for their pupils.

Dan created a Bespoke Modular Play Tower with four large desk spaces for the pupils to explore.

This tower also has plenty of entry and exit points, including: a ladder, a climbing net, a climbing ramp, stairs, and a vertical climbing wall.

These offer a variety of physical development opportunities for pupils to explore, building skills such as coordination, muscular strength, balance and many more.

children playing on new modular play tower

Pupils can stand at the top of the tower and let everyone know that they’re the King or Queen of the castle!

For those who prefer to spend more time on the ground than high up in the sky, Dan also added several other play resources for children to explore.

The space now includes a Twin Imagination Station, designed to encourage storytelling and role play and pupils run between the two stations, creating their own stories of play. Filled with beautiful, coloured panels, when the light shines through, a stunning rainbow will be cast onto the field.

two school children playing in an imagination station

In this space, Dan also included several den-making spots, adding a Set of Five Den Making Posts, and two WigWams. In these spaces, children can take some quiet time from the rest of the playground if they wish or incorporate these cool den spaces into their stories!

children playing and sitting in wooden den structure

The Results

Once the project was completed, Dan caught up with Lynne Orme, Head of School, and Di Giles, the Deputy Head of the School and this is what they had to say!

“We knew that we wanted the children to have a free and imaginative space and you really listened to what we wanted and heard us really.

We needed no wating and you really heard that and made sure that as much as possible children can get on and get off and accessibility because some of our children here find moving que difficult, most children can access everything that’s on here.”

We’re pleased to say that Fernwood Infants School is another happy customer, and we hope that we get to work with them again in the future.

child involved in imaginative play within a playhouse

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