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A Tremendous Trim Trail for Mablethorpe Primary School

Introducing the Forest Rangers of Mablethorpe Primary Academy!

Experienced Playground Consultant, Marion Rolph recently had the pleasure of working with staff at Mablethorpe Primary Academy in Lincolnshire. The school wanted to transform a centrally located, plain open space into an active adventure course for all year groups to enjoy.

Marion knew exactly how to create a unique and exciting trim trail that would appeal to pupils of all ages and abilities. The trail brings a sense of action and adventure to the playground as children imagine themselves weaving through the forest treetops. There are six different obstacles for children to explore, encouraging high levels of activity for sustained periods.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Course…

The trail begins with an Incline Balance Beam Crossing which allows children to develop core strength, stability and balance.

The gentle incline of the beam builds confidence allowing pupils to learn how to move up and down whilst considering and controlling their speed. Stepping Logs are placed between some of the larger obstacles and require children to step up and down at various heights.

Concentration is required and leg muscles are strengthened as pupils hop and skip on and off!

A class of children playing on the trim trail

Imaginations are ignited as intrepid explorers race across the Forest Rope Bridge. Will they cross the bridge in time to save the forest animals? Can they carefully find their way back home to safety? Rope handrails support pupils and allow them to practise grip strength and fine motor control.

A fantastic obstacle for all round physical development, the Platform-to-Platform Beam Crossing requires children to cross a timber balance beam suspended between artificial grass-covered platforms. Grip ropes hang down for extra balance and support as children tip-toe, side-step, run and slide their way across!

A class of children walking across the bridge in their playground

A real favourite with pupils the Triangular Climbing Traverse offers a brilliant climbing challenging and upper body workout. Learners feel a real sense of success when they reach the triangular climbing wall and encourage each other to aim for the top by using colourful grip holds.

The final element of the course is the Slalom Weave Traverse which allows children to move and weave their bodies in and out of the poles, improving vestibular control and coordination.

The trail has a critical fall height of 0.6 - 0.8m making it suitable for children of all ages to build upon their climbing confidence and take small risks in a safe environment.

A group of young boys climbing across the trim trail in their school

New Artificial Grass Playturf is maintenance and weed-free and provides a soft cushioned surface. Children can use their new trail in all seasons without having to worry about changing weather conditions.

The Brilliant Benefits of a Trim Trail 

Through the introduction of the trim trail Mablethorpe Primary have built upon children’s natural enthusiasm for movement. Pupils are able to solve problems with perseverance and determination, working independently or as part of a team. Children have shown extremely positive attitudes to physical activity and fitness which helps them to sustain active lifestyle choices through later life.

A whole class climbing across the trim trail in their school playground

Mablethorpe Primary waited a long time to transform their bare playground into an active, unique, exciting space. Funding was secured with the help of community grants and support from the local council and surrounding businesses.

The trail comes with a 15-year guarantee and timber products are pressure-treated, requiring no maintenance so we hope there will be many future generations of forest rangers at Mablethorpe!

Champion for the project, Miss Hemmings told us, “All year groups from reception to year 6 now have new challenges and purpose during break times.

The trail provides much enjoyment, ignites imaginations and allows children to develop important social skills and relationships. We could not fault the installation team; they were amazing and worked extremely hard during half term to complete the project.”

If you're looking to create an active play space for your pupils, then please get in contact with one of our friendly members of staff here!