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Exceptional EYFS Playground Design for Norbreck Primary School

A Captivating EYFS Play Space that Encompasses all Seven Areas of Learning


Norbreck Primary School in Blackpool are passionate about giving their littlest pupils the best start to school life. With this in mind, they wanted to create an exceptional playground space that would encompass all seven areas of learning!

Tom Benson, one of our playground consultants, worked with the enthusiastic staff to design and install the playground of their dreams that would not only create an impressive outdoor space but truly promote learning through play.

The Beginning of an Exceptional Playground Design


Before this playground makeover could begin, we had to remove all of the tired playground equipment and level the area to create an open-plan space.

Once the old was out, it was in with the new! We resurfaced the entire space with a bespoke surfacing design to enhance outdoor learning.

Aerial view of children playing on playground development including artificial grass, a roadway with black wetpour, a large sandbox, a modular play tower, and den making post.

Beautiful artificial grass makes up most of the outdoor environment, whilst bright red splashes, a sea-blue river and a black and white number line creates the perfect space for floor-based learning activities to take place. Inside the new surfacing river, we included the school’s logo “Whatever we do, we do it well”.

The biggest feature of the new surfacing is the enormous roadway! Black Wetpour surfacing with white dashed lines, a zebra crossing and parking bays creates a life-like space for the children to burn off excess energy and enhance their understanding of the world, too.

2 girls wearing matching pink coats with faux fur hoods riding a bright orange trike riding along the roadway which has been installed next to the school building with children playing in the background.

A Play Tower for Little Kings and Queens


Who will be king of the castle today?

Little knights, kings and queens can now scale their very own castle!

2 children climbing up the climbing wall onto the modular play tower whilst one boy in a blue coat runs past the tower. There is a large chalkboard in the background.

A Modular Play Tower provides the perfect cross over between active and imaginative play games as children transport themselves back to the medieval ages, whilst scaling the climbing ramp or scrambling up the climbing net.

Peering out the bubble windows, they can glaze out to their kingdom below.


Essential Early Years Messy Play Resources


No early years play environment would be complete without the messy play essentials!

A giant covered Sand Box and Water Wall and Water Play Package provides children with all the necessary messy play experiences they need.

Plenty of children can gather around the sand box, sit on the edges or get inside as they experiment with sand. Whether it’s building magnificent sand sculptures or digging for buried treasure, there’s certainly a lot of fun to be had.

12 children playing in the sand box with one teacher supervising, sandbox has been installed onto artificial grass near the school building, with one child smiling at the camera.

As an added bonus, playing with sand is ideal for improving gross motor skills, coordination and fine motor skills.

On the other end of the playground, the water wall provides a wealth of learning through play opportunities!

Manipulating the water channels, the children have to work together to navigate the water down the wall back into the water table. It’s an ideal outdoor play resource for the children to investigate scientific concepts through play.

Can they get the water to travel through two channels, the water wheel and cloud before going into the table?

one child wearing a black coat walking towards the water wall and water table which has been installed next to the school building and timber bow fencing.

Den Making and Role Play


To provide the children with den making opportunities and inspiration for their role-play games, we installed a set of our Den Making Posts and a giant playhouse with walls and a chalkboard.

Armed with loose play resources such as sheets of material and rope, the children can thread their den building materials through the holes and create their very own den.

It takes patience, teamwork and problem solving for a successful den to come to life!

3 children playing with different toys on a table that has been installed next to the modular play tower and den making posts onto artificial grass with one teacher supervising.

The giant playhouse has been a big hit with the children. The huge chalkboard at the rear means they can scribble, drawn and write as they transport themselves to new imaginary worlds using the house as their focal point.

Using the den making holes at the top of the playhouse, adults can lead the play as they dress the space as the topic of learning to take children’s learning even further.

Teachers and children alike love their brand-new outdoor learning and play environment and cannot wait to access the huge space come rain or shine. The new development has really given this previously worn and tired courtyard space a new lease on life!

2 boys, one wearing a blue coat and one wearing a black coat stood inside of a giant play house using different coloured chalk to draw on the chalkboard, chalkboard already has lots of scribbles on it.

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2 boys, one wearing a blue coat and one wearing a black coat and black glasses, sat on the benches inside of the giant playhouse next to the chalkboard.