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Playground Revamp for Nursery School Pupils at Riverside Nursery!

Nursery School Pupils WOW-ed by playground transformation at Riverside Day Nursery!


Wanting to beautify their nursery play area for their little learners, the Riverside Day Nursery team contacted Pentagon Play to help them redesign their free space into a bright and engaging outdoor area that would captivate both parents and pupils!

Working with one of our top salespeople, Sam Flatman, Riverside Day Nursery achieved their goal of creating a breathtakingly beautiful playground that will amaze the tiny tots for years to come.

 The Grass Really is Greener at Riverside Day Nursery


Designed to even out the surface and make the whole area more appealing to adults and children, Pentagon Play covered the whole surface with our neat and noticeable Artificial Grass that brings the whole area together!

A birds eye view of the eyfs playground at The Riverside Day Nursery, children are playing on the equipment and 2 children are crawling on the floor.

Now, we know all children are intrepid and brave little explorers but sometimes they take a bump, and it can’t be helped.

Well, our artificial grass surfacing does help with this issue!

Constructed to include a fleece reinforcement layer for this reason, when your children take a tumble, their fall will be cushioned by this plush surfacing.

children playing on playground 2 children are playing with hoops.

Please don’t feed the ducks!


Unfortunately, not blessed with an easily accessible pond of their own, the team at Riverside Day Nursery wanted a safe and imaginative outdoor area where their children could play confidently and freely.

A birds eye view of the eyfs playground

Enter the Bespoke Wetpour and Playbond Design crafted to look like a big water splash with delicate wetpour duck details to give that creative and fun feel.

Children can run, jump, and play on the wetpour and imagine themselves splashing around in the pond without worrying about getting wet- the perfect compromise!

A birds eye view of the water wall, there are 2 messy play tables on top of the bespoke wetpour design, there are 2 ducks within this design.

Messy Mud Days


The pupils at the nursery were blessed with a multitude of different messy play activities that are available to them for play every day!

The lucky pupils can choose what to play with from the variety of options below:

  • Messy Play Table- Perfect for painting, crafting, and building, this table promotes free flow play
  • Water Wall with Grass-Topped Steps- Test the limits of water and navigate a water path using the tubes to pass water from the top to the bottom
  • Mud Box- Exactly what it sounds like- a box full of mud made for rooting around in and letting off some steam
  • TWO Mud Kitchens- Will the next Jamie Oliver please stand up? Children can practice their cooking creations in wonderful and exciting mud kitchens!
  • Bug Hotel- Bugs can be pets too! Encourage children’s caring natures by letting them play, nurture and gaze at a variety of insects that they can learn all about in class!

5 children playing on their mud kitchen a teacher is accompanying them.

Boosting agility is key during playtime


Build your pupils climbing and clambering skills with our Clatter Bridge and Climb Through Tunnel Hill!

An extra special addition for those little adventurers ready to go at playtime, they can tunnel their way through before running over the top and then speeding across the clatter bridge.

8 children playing on the clatter bridge, they are looking towards the camera and smiling.

There’s plenty of fun to be had on these exciting Trim Trail items!

From the beginning to the completion of this project, Sam was so enthusiastic and energetic about this transformation.

8 children playing on the clatter bridge, one young girl is climbing off the edge.

Seeing the looks of surprise and excitement on the pupils’ faces makes every Pentagon Play Project worth the time and energy!

If you’re thinking about transforming your playground just like this nursery did then please Contact Us Here on the Pentagon Play Website

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4 children standing on top of the tunnel through hill, one young boy has a hoop in his hands and one young boy is standing on top of the hill and looking towards the camera.