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South Wootton Infant School’s Daily Mile Track

An All-Weather Daily Mile Track To Improve Children's Physical Fitness and Mental Wellbeing


South Wootton Infant School in Norfolk were determined to improve their children’s physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

Our expert outdoor learning consultant, Marion Rolph, worked alongside the passionate school to design and install a dedicated space for the daily mile to take place every day.

The new track offers children the tools they need to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve their fitness and provide the school with a multi-use playground resource.

A Fun Way To Run A Mile A Day


A huge Saferturf Daily Mile Track has provided the school’s children with a colourful, safe environment to run, walk or hop a mile each day.

Following the edge of the school field, the children run alongside the natural canopy of trees and hedges before arriving back to the tarmac, creating a scenic journey.

A red saferturf daily mile track running along the edge of a school field

As the field couldn’t always be used throughout the wetter seasons, we installed our Saferturf with extensive base works underneaxth to ensure that it would be free-draining – enabling the daily mile to take place come rain or shine.

The bright red surface is also very fitting with the school because it is their uniform colour!

Children stood ready to run on a daily mile track

Physical exercise is very important and brings many significant benefits to young children as it improves their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Participating in the daily mile is a simple and effective activity that provides children with at least 15 minutes of physical exercise each day, inspiring them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It has even been found that children who participate in this fantastic initiative every day are significantly healthier than those who don’t!

The teachers have noted that the children have been coming back into the classroom more relaxed and focused after participating in the daily activity.

Children stood along a daily mile track waiting to run

South Wootton are very pleased with their new daily mile track and the children love running together, competing to see who can get to the end first!

The track is being used during playtimes and PE lessons as children practise running their mile a day or use the track to warm up before a competitive game of football.

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A red saferturf daily mile track running along the perimeter of a school field