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Three Crazy Climbers for St Anne's School!

A Multitude of Engaging Physical Challenges 

 for St Anne’s Primary School

Keen to develop areas for children to be physically active and engaged during outdoor play, St Anne’s school in Manchester added not one but three impressive climbing challenges for all pupils to enjoy.

With expert guidance from Pentagon Playground Consultant, Paul Bayliss, Headteacher, Alicia Duffy, decided upon three progressive play frames for pupils in Early Years, KS1 and KS2.

children climb up the colour climbing wall on the harter fell climbing frame

Sliding into a New Day!

Early years pupils are now the proud owners of a Harter Fell Climbing Frame with Platform and Slide. Robust and built to last using high quality, play grade timber, the impressive structure has been a huge hit with little learners at St Anne’s.

a child slides down the slide and onto the wetpour below

Pupils enjoy working together to conquer the climbing walls, finding their own routes and developing core strength. Imagination has been ignited as children suggest their own games, making full use of the den underneath the climber and the variety of different heights which can be accessed. A favourite feature for the Kings and Queens of the playground has been their new platform, they can survey the whole kingdom before they travel down the slide and continue on with their quest!

children climb on the harter fell climber and one child goes down the slide

Plenty to Explore Under the Canopy!

St Anne’s Early Years Department have a spacious, bright area for outdoor play but they felt they were lacking a sheltered space for pupils to be able to learn outdoors during all seasons.

children sit under the canopy and play

The installation of a Freestanding Canopy erected alongside the school building allows for smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor learning. If necessary, children can seek shelter from the elements whilst enjoying some fresh air, with plenty of space to move and express themselves.

Pupils can enjoy mark making, exploration and construction activities under their new canopy which creates another classroom for learners to move freely and enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural environment.

child gather around under the timber canopy

The Puzzlewood Circuit takes Pride of Place

Taking their climbing adventures to the next level, KS1 pupils have been improving their fitness using the Puzzlewood Forest Circuit. With many entry and exit points, children have been creating their own routes, challenging themselves and building resilience.

children clamber all over the timber puzzlewood circuit

Excitement has been high, as pupils learn to cross the log bridge, navigate the net tunnel and travel across the swing logs, gripping the ropes for guidance. Problem solving ability, spatial awareness and team work skills have been mastered as children learn to navigate the climber together. Standing still and wondering what to do at playtimes is certainly a distant memory!

The area directly underneath the climber has been fitted with a green wetpour safety surface to add to the appeal of the space and to fill children with confidence when landing. The bright design has certainly captured the attention of the little stars at St Anne’s!

children smile at the camera and climb on the timber climber

Get ready for adventures on the Grizedale Forest Circuit

Not to be left out, KS2 pupils can now access the ultimate climbing adventure – the Grizedale Forest Circuit. Crossing, turning and traversing all take place on this huge climber as pupils develop their sense of balance, proprioception and motor skills. Pupils at St Anne’s seemed to defy gravity as they swung, hung, climbed and jumped through the air.

children in burgundy school uniforms climb on the timber climbing frame

The installation of the three climbers throughout the school has revolutionised playtimes, leading to happy, healthy pupils who learn new skills through daily play opportunities.

Pentagon’s vast range of climbers would be a fantastic addition to any setting by making possible use of PE and Sport Premium funding. Playground equipment can be used during breaktimes, within lessons and at after school clubs. St Anne’s pupils have been provided with outstanding opportunities to develop their wellbeing, health and fitness through access to daily outdoor activity.

children in burgundy and black uniform climb on the log crossing on the grizedale forest climber

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