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Widcombe CE Junior School is Case Study of the Month!

A Playspace filled with Exciting Learning Opportunities

for Widcombe C.E. Junior School

Throughout their seven years in Primary School pupils will spend a good proportion of time playing outdoors, as playtime usually accounts for 20% of a child’s school day. Widcombe Junior school recognises the importance of children leading healthy and active lifestyles and wanted to provide their pupils with unique, challenging playground equipment that would excite all.

Our playground consultant, Nicole Fairman, was delighted to work alongside staff from Widcombe Junior school, located in beautiful central Bath, to bring their active playground vision to reality.

a birdseye view of the complete playground development

Preparing for Action-Packed Playtimes!

We completely transformed an underused area of the school playground into a bright, inviting space that provides plenty of physical challenges. Natural, bow top timber fencing was erected to help to create an ‘active zone.’ Our popular, practical artificial grass surfacing was the perfect base to ensure ultimate safety, as every slip or trip has a soft, cushioned landing.

children climb along the puzzlewood circuit

The ‘Star Attraction’ for pupils is their new Puzzlewood Forest Circuit climbing frame. Learners have been excited to master the different levels, tackling the beams together and using core strength to scramble through the net. Risks have been taken and difficulties overcome when crossing the log bridge and climbing to the top.

children climb all over the timber bowfell climber

Keen to provide plenty of opportunities for pupils to develop key physical skills, Widcombe Junior School also opted for our Bowfell Climber. The impressive, pyramid-shaped structure encourages problem solving as children discover their own route to the top! There is plenty of space for children to explore this climber together, with many different entry and exit points, creating a feeling of accomplishment for all.

A set of Forest Pull Up and Roll Over Bars is the final impressive piece in the new physically active zone. Budding gymnasts can hang, stretch and swing, improving their confidence and resilience through daily practise.

s child swings on the timber and metal forest pull up and rollover bars as she smiles at the camera

A Tranquil Space for Outdoor Learning

Wherever possible learning experiences take place outdoors at Widcombe Junior School. With this in mind, staff wanted to create an inspirational, outdoor learning base where children could develop their skills within a natural environment.

our 7.5m gazebo stands empty in the grounds of the school, under the shadow of a big tree

Our 7.5m Octagonal Gazebo looks really striking in its new home, nestled in the shade amongst the trees. Our clever team of playground installers were able to build the classroom so that it was level with the existing pavement and surrounding area. A decked base keeps the classroom clean and shoes mud free!

The new learning hub can comfortably seat 70 pupils, offering plenty of space for endless learning opportunities. Widcombe Junior School strongly believe that children become more alert, engaged and enthusiastic when taking their learning outdoors.

the inside of the gazebo has seating for 70 and a whiteboard for making notes

Our team also created some innovative playground markings and revitalised worn ones during their time at Widcombe. A chess board and an active trail, encourage children to work together, exercising both their minds and bodies.

It was a pleasure to enhance the outdoor provision for pupils at Widcombe Junior school, allowing for plenty of active play all year round. We hope that their new learning zones help pupils to be inquisitive, playful and creative and in the words of the school ‘Vision’, ‘Be the best they can be.’

a view taken from away from the playground, showing all the different active play features of the playground

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a child in a red and white school summer dress crosses the wobbly log traverse