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Holiday Park Playground Equipment For Adventure Play

How Pentagon's Holiday Park Playground Equipment Can Bring Adventure!

If you’re looking to bring more outdoor fun and adventure to your Holiday Park or Visitor Attraction, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether making the most of your outdoor landscape for family-fun loving holiday-makers, or drawing in the day trippers with active and engaging nature-inspired outdoor play zones - we’re here to help holiday parks achieve exactly what they want. We have it all! 

And with over 25 years of experience and expertise in inspiring outdoor play, as the UK’s Number One Playground Equipment Provider and Designer for Schools, we’re excited to be able to bring our unique sense of adventure to your Holiday Parks and Visitor Attractions too!

Adventure Play possibilities are a huge draw for families booking a UK break with their children! Why? One of the reasons (apart from the fact it’s guaranteed fun!) is that it presents opportunities for play that children just don’t quite get to experience as much at home these days. 

A picture of an adventure play park created by Pentagon Play for Chew Moos. The image shows a child happily sliding down a slide, with another child on a toy horse.

A study by Save the Children UK in 2022 highlighted that parents today are much more cautious of letting their children go out to play unsupervised compared to previous generations, due to increased concerns for their safety.

For years, the Health and Safety Executive has been warning against ‘wrapping children in cotton wool’ and the risks of discouraging them from certain play and leisure activities - but it isn’t always so easy for parents to trust that all will be well in the world we live in.

Enter the Adventure Playground! Holiday Parks that can offer exciting, high quality playground equipment for children to get out there and ‘have a go’ are the perfect antidote to the daily stresses, rules and restrictions of life. The whole family can relax and enjoy themselves - they’ll be back and they’ll be telling their friends about it too!

Thrills and Spills!

What exactly is Adventure Play? Well, it can be lots of things! Anything that encourages children to get active and explore, navigate, experience new things, be a bit ‘daring’ - challenging and thrilling forms of play that seem ‘risky’. That’s Adventure Play - and children love it! 

A photo showing a child on a swing, with a play frame in the background. The whole play area has been designed by Pentagon Play

And why wouldn’t they?! Most of us can remember the thrill of scaling up that tree or swinging on that rope across the stream - the element of ‘danger’ bringing screams of ‘terrified’ delight, an unparalleled confidence boost and a rushing sense of accomplishment when we actually made it!

By recreating and providing that level of fun and excitement with playground equipment that’s unique to your Holiday Park, you can guarantee that families will never forget their holiday experience with you!

But is it Safe? Should you really be offering Adventure Play, and why?

Of course!

Adventurous play has an anti-phobic effect. It’s not the kids who fall and break an arm who have a fear of heights, it’s the ones who never climbed a tree.

- Helen Russell, BBC Women's  Hour 2024

We’re not for one second advocating putting anyone in real danger at Holiday Parks - this is all about life-loving and fun learning experiences.

Play areas that offer Adventure Play activities and playground equipment that challenges and pushes children slightly out of their comfort zone will teach them vital life skills - creating an awareness of their own limitations and boundaries, and in particular how to keep themselves and others safe.

Life is always full of risks whatever we do, and it’s impossible to control everything or avoid some element of danger/risk of injury in any type of active play - even tripping over our own feet sometimes!

However, during Adventure Play it’s exactly this uncertainty, and having the freedom to take risks for themselves, which encourage key developmental stages during childhood (Brussoni et al, 2012; Spencer et al, 2021).

Adventure Play that is on an outdoor play space brings many benefits that just can’t be replicated indoors - fresh air, space, experiencing varying heights and speeds, testing boundaries.

A picture of a forest circuit that was designed by Pentagon Play.

All these wonderful benefits are known to reduce anxiety levels, boost mental health and well-being and improve fitness (for all of us!). It’s one of the best ways to encourage children’s developing resilience, and to increase their confidence and independence.

In addition, our playground equipment is designed to be fun whilst safe. When you work with us, you can be rest assured that you're getting the highest quality playground equipment available on the market! 

Suggestions and Ideas for Holiday Park Playground Equipment

Every park's play area may be different, but one thing’s for sure - there’s always room for adventure! And how you choose to present it can hugely enhance your Holiday Park’s unique selling point for your returning customers. 

More often than not, your park’s natural environment will set the scene perfectly for Adventure Play, and this is a great place to start with a theme. What draws families to your location? The coast, mountains, forests or woodland? Wildlife, castles and ruins or historic city visits?

A picture taken from a drone showing a birds-eye view of the outdoor play area that Pentagon Play made for Brynteg Holiday Park

Wherever you are in the UK, there is plenty of scope for exciting escapades and playground equipment! Taking inspiration from local interests and natural environments is a great base upon which to begin building your Adventure Play environment.

Of course there is one essential activity that we recommend to all holiday parks and strongly believe that no Adventure Play space can go without - climbing! 

Everything’s in reach if you just keep climbing! 

Children love to climb - they need to climb - their natural sense of adventure calls them to it! It’s a huge part of their overall development process, and as far as their parents and carers are concerned - it’s much better achieved in a great outdoor Adventure Play space than all over the furniture!

At Pentagon Play, we recognise the importance of this factor and created a wide range of fantastic playground equipment that encourages children to climb.

A picture of a climbing frame created by Pentagon Play. The picture shows children using the equipment.

The Grizedale Forest Circuit was one of the first designs in our extensive range of adrenaline-fuelled outdoor climbing frames and circuits, inspired by some of the UK’s finest forest landscapes. 

With combinations of pathways, platforms, scaling walls, balance ropes and swinging ropes, they present non-stop adventure opportunities for children of all ages to climb, jump and swing in different ways, in all directions, and to share their experience with others.

Our Playframe range is diverse and open-ended - we design, build and install climbers in various sizes with fluctuating levels of adventure challenge as a speciality. These beautiful, natural and sustainably sourced timber and rope constructions are carefully crafted to blend in harmoniously with the surroundings.

A picture of a Grizedale forest circuit that has been built by Pentagon Play

The Framlingham Modular Play Tower is a fine example of our Modular Play Towers that we can install onto any surface, incorporating slides and fire person's poles for whizzing down to provide exhilarating adventure-play at high speeds!

Tree-top and ‘underground’ adventures abound with bespoke Treehouses or forest-floor inspired Trim Trails to inspire and encourage Adventure Play for your visitors. Include scaling nets, rope bridges, balance beams and wobbly crossings for them to leap around, push their boundaries, test their physical skills and use their imaginations!

And of course there’s nothing like a proper Den amongst the branches to bring the outdoor magic for families - what a great place to sit and share a picnic while the children play in your fantastic play area! 

A photo of a wooden den created by Pentagon Play for a holiday park

Don’t Look Back - Let’s Do It!

You might be wondering where best to get started with Adventure Play at your Holiday Park playgrounds or Visitor Attraction. Well, at Pentagon, we can help you to do just that!

We have a super-creative, knowledgeable and friendly team of Adventure Playground Consultants - an incredible range of beautiful, unique and top quality adventure playground equipment and products designed and built in-house by our expert Products Team to suit every budget - and an unrivalled installation and after-care service. It's no surprise that our commercial playground equipment services are becoming more popular throughout the UK.

From monkey bars to mighty climbing walls, basket swings for sharing to zip-wires for the daring, traditional playground equipment to innovative playground equipment, outdoor playgrounds to indoor play areas, you’re in safe hands with us!

With our 25+ years of experience designing and installing all-weather outdoor school play environments and school playground equipment across the UK, we’re well versed in helping our customers to make the most of their available outdoor space for active play to strict safety standards. Our products and installations are robust, guaranteed, and designed to withstand the elements!

Due to how much children loved our school playground equipment, we started expanding our services into other industries and started to establish ourselves as a dominant force within the playground industry in general. We always aim to create inclusive playgrounds so that every child can have an engaging play session.

We have worked with holiday parks across the UK, big and small, to create some awe-inspiring Adventure Play spaces in keeping with their natural environment, helping them to achieve or improve their go-to destination status. Have a look at some of our innovative design and installation projects that we have absolutely loved working on. Whether it's indoor play areas to outdoor play areas.

We offer a free, no-obligation visit to your site to discuss your requirements, and we’d love to hear from you! Simply contact us and we will be in touch to arrange for your local Holiday Park Consultant to come and visit you, at a time that works best for you!