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The Power of the Play Park for Family-Friendly Holidays

Your holiday park’s playground can be a powerful USP

The Power of the Play Park for Family-Friendly Holidays

The UK’s holiday parks are much treasured destinations for families looking for time out to relax together - fun, excitement, relaxation and rejuvenation, bonding and making precious memories with loved ones - that’s what it’s all about. 

If that’s what your holiday park can offer, then that’s what has families captivated and choosing to stay with you every time. 

Brynteg Holiday Park- Birdseye View

An enticing outdoor playground space is a vital attraction for any holiday park that truly wishes to make families staying with young children feel welcome. Get this right, and you have the perfect element to further enhance the appeal of your holiday park, and keep your guests coming back to visit time and again.

Your holiday park’s playground can be a powerful USP

From strengthening relationships to improving health, there are plenty of good reasons for families to prioritise a holiday that allows them to spend quality time away together, and especially enjoying outdoor activities. Breaking up the norm, setting aside the day-to-day routine for a while, treating themselves and allowing everyone to come back feeling refreshed. 

Before the global pandemic struck, research by the Family Holiday Association revealed that 49% of British people had created their happiest memories while being on holiday with their family, and 24% of them call on these memories when times are tough. There can be no doubt that this figure will have increased in recent times - and it’s key to understanding what families are looking for in a holiday.

a shot of the empty trim trail at Bowland Fell Holiday Park

Focusing on our overall health, being able to improve our physical and mental well-being, is ever more at the front of our minds. 

Our personal relationships can have a huge impact on our well-being, and the positive experiences gained from family holidays can really help to improve communication and relationships between family members through the joy of shared experiences. Making time to play is just as important for adults as it is for children - that time spent together reinforces to children that they are loved, and can be a huge stress-reliever for adults, helping them to feel more connected to their child, grandchild, nephew or niece! 

It is well known that ‘green exercise’ - getting outdoors and being active - boosts both our physical and mental health. Opportunities to connect with nature, to explore and get our bodies moving, bring countless benefits - from keeping the whole family fit to improving our immune systems and elevating our mood and our overall happiness. And of course there’s the added joy of much-needed time away from the screens and the daily must-dos!

By offering families a great outdoor play facility within your holiday park, you are presenting them with endless opportunities to enjoy all of the above - and to make many fabulous memories in the process! Whatever your theme or your approach, be it active and adventurous, or calming and relaxing - the right outdoor activity space can only serve to boost your holiday park’s own unique appeal to families. Why wouldn’t they want to keep coming back for more?! 

a little boy sits in a basket swing

Whatever the weather

We all know there are times when the great British weather likes to make its character known on holiday! No matter how much we try - we can never quite predict what it’s going to give us, and it does make planning outdoor activities a challenge!

For year-round appeal to families, and to maintain a steady and sustainable income stream, many holiday park owners would like to be able to ensure that come rain or shine, there will always be something fun that families can enjoy doing on-site, outdoors, with their children. 

children scale their way across the rope traverse

Here at Pentagon, with our years of experience designing and installing all-weather outdoor learning and play environments for schools, we’re well versed in helping our customers to battle the changing daily weather conditions. Our products are robust, guaranteed, and designed to withstand the elements. We have numerous innovative ideas and options for all-weather surfacing, shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. 

Location, location, location - somewhere for the whole family

There are a number of things to consider when planning and creating the perfect outdoor play environment to suit your individual holiday park, bringing the ‘wow’ factor that creates a USP.

First of all - ‘wow’ doesn’t always have to come from something huge or complex. We have an incredible range of Imaginative and Creative and Active Play Equipment to choose from that will keep children of all ages entertained, from toddlers to teens - with options to suit most budgets. Your budget will always influence what you can do - but creating the right play space for your customer base is a worthy long-term investment that will keep the bookings coming in. With creativity and careful thought it’s possible for us to work around most things!

a birdseye view of the bowland fell holiday park

You can add to the appeal of your holiday park with outdoor activity spaces that are themed in keeping with your surroundings, drawing on what initially attracts families to stay with you in your specific location. Could it be a Play Ship by the sea, a fairytale look-out Tower, a magical forest Treehouse, a winding Nature Trail, a mountain Climber challenge or a cosy lakeside Reading Corner to curl up together with a good book? 

With a focus on relaxation for the whole family, perhaps you would like to encourage families to stay and use your cafe or restaurant facilities by creating a more welcoming environment for them? Modular play areas alongside, with easy access and visibility, that allow young children to play independently (because who wants to sit still on holiday?!) are a huge plus for families! With outdoor seating for parents and grandparents to relax, have something to eat and drink and enjoy watching them (and joining in too!), they’ll quickly be filling up the tables! 

Ready to Transform Your Holiday Park Into a Holiday Haven for Families?

We can help you to create an extra-special inclusive holiday park playground that will appeal to the whole family. From captivating climbers to swings and slides for thrill-seekers - a sensory centre for little explorers to a hang-out hub in the trees for active teens and everyone in-between! With over 25 years experience, we are experts in designing and building high-quality, durable and sustainable outdoor playgrounds, and we have every detail covered.  

Our playgrounds are ever-exciting and alluring, and we have the skills, creativity and capability to design and build magical spaces in harmony with your unique holiday environment. We have worked with parks across the UK, big and small - you can have a look for yourself at some of our much-loved outdoor play park projects on on Parks Project Page.

a little boy slides down the metal slide to the ground below

If you’re ready to set foot on this exciting journey, we’d love to come with you! With a huge range of options to suit most budgets, we’ll support you from concept to completion and after-care, assisting you in increasing your revenue and achieving those all-star reviews as a favourite holiday destination among families.  

We offer a free, no-obligation visit to your site to discuss your requirements. Simply complete this short form and we will be in touch to book a date and time that’s best for you to meet your local Holiday Park Consultant.

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