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Create Your Ideal Holiday Park Playground

Create Your Ideal Holiday Park Playground

Why Choose Us To Help With Your Holiday Park Playgrounds?

Making memories is what family holidays and fun days out are all about - having the time to relax together, when daily routines fly out of the window for a little while, and the kids (and adults!) are free to just play! 

We should know, because it’s from those simpler childhood memories of high days and holidays that the idea of our business here at Pentagon Play - designing and building incredible playgrounds and innovative playground equipment for children - first began!

As childhood friends, Andy and Michael, our company’s founders, loved to spend weekends and school holidays playing in their local woodland area. 

They turned it into an outdoor play space for themselves, their families and friends who would turn up to join in the fun - building dens and tree swings, climbing and exploring, putting on ‘performances’ and creating treasure hunts, finding endless intrigue and excitement in their own, magical place to play!

Fast forward ‘a few’ years and the two friends have kept tight hold of those memories, and that same sense of fun, adventure and creativity, to build their incredible outdoor playgrounds and high quality playground equipment for over 10,000 schools across the UK, improving play value for over 5 million children each year.

A picture showing the play area we created for Borwick Lakes. It includes trim trails and a play tower

We know what we’re doing. After 25 years of supplying school playground equipment and designs, we’re delighted to be bringing our playground design and build expertise to Holiday Parks and their play areas! 

Playground Equipment, It's What We Do Best...

An exciting, engaging, inclusive children's playground is a vital element that hugely enhances the appeal of any holiday park or visitor attraction for families. 

At Pentagon, we are leading experts at designing and creating commercial playground equipment and extraordinary outdoor play spaces for children - from tantalizing tower climbers to adrenaline-fuelled log and rope adventure frames, from intriguing activity-filled nature trails to exhilarating swings, slides and zip-wires, climbing walls to den-building and more - we cover every detail. 

Your play area and playground equipment should work in harmony with your surroundings - whether you want it to stand out or blend in, or both! It should always be thrilling, and this really isn’t hard to achieve with the right direction - there are many different ways of bringing the thrill factor! 

A play tower that has been installed at Brynteg Holiday Park by Pentagon Play

Without stating the obvious, your holiday park playground equipment needs to be functional - it needs to work for your customer base, and it needs to be inclusive, offering something special for everyone. 

Getting this right can lead to the best reviews, happy returning visitors, and the increased revenue to cover your own building costs and even then some!

Being in a trusted position as the UK’s number 1 playground equipment provider for schools, we get to spend lots of time with the true play experts - the children themselves! Of course they never hold back with their honest feedback, which we love to take on board, so we’re very well researched in the field of imaginative play!

Providing the Perfect Holiday Park Playground

What do you actually need to create the perfect outdoor playground at your Holiday Park? Space, ideas, playground equipment are the obvious answers, but there’s one essential ingredient that you can’t go without - a sense of fun and adventure!

A picture of the trim trail that Pentagon Play installed at The White Lion pub

Any holiday parks that have play areas with fun at its core opens up all kinds of wonderful opportunities for children to play and enjoy the best holiday experience - opportunities to challenge themselves with great play equipment, to try new play equipment, to run, jump, swing, climb, dig and do all sorts of things that they’re definitely not allowed to do in the house - testing and pushing their boundaries in a place where their parents can relax, knowing they’re safe, and let them go for it - it’s a win for the whole family!

It doesn’t have to be complicated - sometimes the simplest things like digging in the sand or jumping from a ‘daring’ height can bring the most pleasure!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Children like to have the option to choose where they want to play and what playground equipment to interact with in that play space depending on their own interests and abilities. 

Being able to choose is part of the fun, and it’s important to offer a few different playground equipment options if you’re going to offer an inclusive play space where all children visiting your Holiday Park can be involved. 

A child on a swing, swinging in front of a play tower built and designed by Pentagon Play

This certainly doesn’t mean that you need to incur unnecessary costs filling up your whole Holiday Park with all sorts of different things to do! 

Choose the right selection of high quality, open-ended, multi-functional play resources and playground equipment suitable for your space and they never tire. A few well chosen pieces rather than lots of single-purpose stuff leads to much more fun-filled variety - fuel for the imagination brings unlimited fun!

Whatever space you have, you can create balance and ensure variety with: 

  • Space to climb - structures that support high-energy active play and; 
  • Space for less structured, sensory/explorative/nature play 

Multi-faceted climbing frames that offer multiple ways to play and climb at different levels and heights are ideal playground equipment for this! Have a look at our Tryfan Climber, or our Active Treetop Dens, which incorporate space for climbing, sliding, imaginative play and den-building in one unit.

Stand Out From the Other Holiday Parks

You can really make your space stand out with intricate climbing frames & features to bring excitement that’s unique to your Holiday Park. 

3 children playing on a trim trail that Pentagon Play installed at Brynteg holiday park

Our extensive range of Playframe circuits, Trim Trails, Towers and Bespoke Treehouses will make best use of any outdoor space, big or small - with all the different options they can present for climbing, balancing, swinging and jumping in one go, they’re guaranteed to have children using their gross motor skills whilst being wide-eyed, worn-out and still coming back for more!

Liven up dull or narrow spaces with a brilliant bouldering climbing wall. Make a fun feature out of existing crossing areas or uneven/inaccessible ground with fun and adventurous ways to travel - bridges, balance beams, monkey bars, climbing frames and tunnels - there’s plenty we can do!

Not Just Messing Around!

Younger children love to get messy - messy play involves all the lovely stuff that they’re not allowed to bring into the house (well not if most of us can help it anyway!) - mashing up mud, sifting through sand and splashing around with water!

Your natural environment will more often than not provide most of the natural resources for this - so why not take advantage! 

3 kids are near an outdoor kids kitchen table. 2 children are interacting with the mud kitchen in the background

Holiday Parks that have outdoor play areas that can offer opportunities for younger children to explore sensory play are a firm favourite with families. 

Mud Kitchens, Dig Pits and Sand Boxes will have them occupied for hours - buckets and spades aren’t just for the beach! Add a garden store for exchanging tools, and recycling your old pots and pans!

Hide and Seek?

Everyone loves this game! You’ve got the space for it, and we can provide the hideaway dens!

Child crawling inside of a floor den, created and installed by Pentagon Play

There’s nothing quite like a secret den for sparking the imagination and offering hours of playful fun - somewhere to hide out together after running around in the fresh air, to share a story or a picnic with the family, or somewhere to meet new friends.

For out-of-this-world adventures, nothing beats our magical Treehouse Dens for losing and finding each other over and again!

A Feast for the Eyes!

It has to look good! Of course it does! A children's playground should be there to compliment or enhance your Holiday Park as it is - with a beautiful natural aesthetic that works in harmony with your surroundings, and that will have the children excited to run off and check it out the second they arrive! 

We aim to make all of our fantastic playground equipment, products and playground designs to catch the eye, but also to blend in - using gorgeous, natural and sustainably sourced play-grade timber, natural rope, and gentle touches of colour here and there for subtle interest. 

A play tower with a slide situated in the play area of Brockwood Hall. A peacock is stood on top of the tower, with it looking over to the swing.

We offer Landscaping as well, with natural-effect durable surfacing to support heavy use. Our timber Nature and Planting structures of all shapes and sizes can be used to display an array of plants and flowers that will stir the senses and attract local wildlife. They’re ideal for creating walkways and providing screening around your site too.

It’s important - we know families want to be able to enjoy everything about their surroundings when they stay with you, and if it looks lovely it lifts the mood. We’re sure they’ll want to preserve their memories with those Insta-worthy holiday snaps that promote positive publicity for your Park too!

Would you like to talk to us about outdoor play area ideas for your Holiday Park or  Visitor Attraction? Call us for a chat on 01625 890330(North office) or 0117 379 0899 (South office) We offer a free, no-obligation visit to your site with one of our expert Holiday Park Consultants - simply fill in the contact us form and we will be in touch to book a date and time that’s best for you.