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Our Best Manchester Projects

Come with us and explore some of our best Manchester projects

As part of our efforts to celebrate the amazing work of our Outdoor Learning Consultants and Installation Teams, we are highlighting some of our most enquired areas; this week’s spotlight is shining on Manchester.

One of our most popular project areas, some of our favourite playground designs and installations come from Manchester and the surrounding areas- we can’t wait to explore these with you!

a little girl and a little boy look in the giant mirror at themselves whilst wearing winter coats

Our dedicated Outdoor Learning Consultant for the Manchester area, Tom Hollingworth remains as excited as ever about the potential of this area and about his work with the company.

“I think that's what makes the Pentagon such a different company to work for; every single product is designed and manufactured with a common goal. Improving learning and play facilities for pupils is our primary mission.”

children come down the other end of the log and net climber and land on the surfacing below

A Multi-Level Project in Manchester

Looking to revamp their entire Nursery and Reception area to make it a more appropriate and secure area for their pupils, St Gilbert’s Primary School in  Eccles worked closely with our team to design their perfect space.

children drive around in plastic cars on the black wetpour roadway and green artificial grass surfacing

Beginning with their Nursery Area, St Gilberts wished to replace their old surfacing and add some vibrance to their play zone.

Adding Red, Yellow and Terracotta Saferturf as well as a fresh layer of Emerald Green Artificial Grass, the pupils of St Gilbert’s can now learn their colours outdoors in their bright and colourful play space!

children in blue and white school uniform sit on the green artificial grass and the yellow saferturf splash

On top of that, St Gilbert’s needed something to put on their new surfacing of course, and they wished for something that could help their pupils develop their gross motor skills.

Looking for Active Play equipment, Pentagon installed a Log and Net  Climber for the little adventurers of St Gilbert’s nursery, giving them the opportunity to assess risk, develop coordination and practice their agility.

children climb along the timber and net in blue, white and black school uniform

The perfect product for physical development!

And, if that wasn’t enough, they even secured a messy play development for the children to experiment with, playing with water and splashing about all of break time.

Electing for the complete Water Wall with Water Play Package, these Manchester pupils won’t know where to play next!

children in blue and white school uniform play with the water wall and the water table that comes included in the water play package

Then it was time to redesign their reception area!

Opting for another surface remodel, St Gilbert’s selected a Saferturf Snake as well as a Wetpour Clock for their reception area.

a little girl in a blue and white school dress runs along the colourful saferturf snake with number

Pupils can now learn as they run around, identifying numbers, times and letters in their free time- learning won’t even feel like learning!

As well as this, the reception children can now run, jump and leap across the playground on their Mendips Set of Get Set, Go! Blocks!

a little girl in a blue and white school dress scoots alogn the wetpour roadway with children running around on the artificial grass surfacing

We’re thrilled with the transformation here and we are so proud of our team!

Full Transformation for St Vincent’s Nursery in Greater Manchester

After working with us on multiple occasions around different areas of the school, we were delighted to work with St Vincent’s again- this time in their nursery area!

three children in winter coats scoot round on small scooters on the wetpour roadway

Looking to remove their pre-existing items and revamp the whole area, St Vincent’s opted for a detailed Wetpour Roadway complete with Wetpour Stop Signs and Traffic Lights for their little ones to learn the rules of the roads.

The pupils definitely had fun, practicing their driving and parking their scooters up once they were done! Formula One definitely has some new candidates on their way!

a birdseye view of the wetpour roadway with accessories such as stop signs and speed limits

In addition to this, the nursery added an outdoor learning facility in the form of a Timber Canopy complete with Picnic Tables and Artificial Grass Topped Seats- ideal for group learning.

Classes can now be taken outside in the sunshine, allowing pupils to interact with the world around them!

On top of all this, they can also practice their active and imaginative play with their range of physical, messy and creative play equipment.

three little girls sit on the octagonal bench

Children can navigate their way across the clatter bridge and jump along the stepping logs to reach the other side before taking a seat on the stunning Octagonal Tree Seat.

The pupils of the nursery also had lots of fun seeing themselves in the Giant Mirror installed in their playground- so many opportunities to dance and sing for themselves.

When they’re finished with that, they can hop on over to the Sand Box and Mud Kitchen and get messy before break time is over, learning about different textures and feels.

four children sat in the sand box with lid in winter coats and play with the sand

A flawless design for the little learners to enjoy!

Active Play for Ashton West End

Looking to complete a multitude of areas for their pupils to enjoy, Ashton West End were sure that Pentagon was the company for them!

Working alongside our Outdoor Learning Consultants, they crafted a design specifically suited to them with a range of Active Play Equipment for their children to enjoy.

children cross on the timber harter fell

Choosing one of our most popular climbing frames, The Harter Fell with Platform and Slide, the students of Ashton West End will all find something to enjoy on this frame, whether they like climbing, sliding or sitting, there is a safe space for everything!

And for those who enjoy climbing the most, they even have access to a Climb Through Tunnel and Climbing Poles- the ultimate combination.

children cross the climbing poles with artificial grass surfacing underneath

When it’s time for a break, pupils can sit under the Den Making Posts or on the Perch Bench.

Complete with a Story-Telling Chair and seats for quiet time in the playground with a good book!

a teacher brings a story book to the story telling circle to read to the children sat on the grass seats

A variety of engaging, exciting and vibrant playground throughout the Manchester area make this region one of our absolute favourites to look back over.

three children in winter coats gather around a damming station with a water wall in the background and pour water down

We can’t wait to continue our work in this area and help Manchester School Playground reach their full potential!

If you have a school in Manchester that you would like to see transformed, then Contact Us Today.

Or get even more inspiration on our Manchester Projects Page.

children in blue and white school uniform drop a purple ball down the water wall and watch as it falls