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Dive Into Denbigh Primary Schools NEW Playground Development

A Fantastic Physical Project for Adventurous and Curious Learners of the Future

Denbigh Community Primary School located in Howdon, Tyne and Wear strongly believe that every child should have regular access to learning outside of the classroom which provides stimulating and challenging experiences.

Playground Consultant, Greg Gavin enjoyed working with Headteacher, Louise Guthrie and the inspirational staff team to design an environment that would engage all pupils in regular physical activity.

After careful consideration of the spacious grounds, the school opted for a large Trim Trail that would offer a real choice of accessible play experiences.

A New Trim Trail to Offer Daily Play Experiences

The huge trail begins with a Triangle Tunnel with Climbing Walls. Pupils enjoy using core muscles to scale the vertical faces before testing their balance and coordination skills on the Rickety Balance Bridge Crossing.

two children climbing over the triangle climbing frame in their playground setting

A set of 4 Disc Poles encourages children to grip, stretch and hold on as they make their way to the Log Balance Weaver with Horizontal Beam. Pupils need to carefully consider their foot placement if they are to wind through the obstacle successfully.

Next up, we combined two of our popular pieces to create the ultimate obstacle! The Triangular Climbing Traverse creates an interesting climbing opportunity, perfect for developing vestibular control and gross motor skills.

An extremely popular piece with pupils is the Platform-to-Platform Tightrope Crossing which ignites imaginations as learners picture themselves performing to a roaring crowd in a big top!

A group of children climbing across the trim trail in their playground

A low-level Step Rope Traverse and a Wobbly Log Traverse are fantastic aids to imaginative games. Pupils could be trekking through the jungle keen not to fall into the marshy swam below!

The final obstacles consist of a Stepping Log Traverse and a Slalom Weave Traverse which allow children to move creatively, developing their spatial awareness, stability and proprioception.

A couple of children climbing across the trim trail in their primary school playground and a young boy is running across

Stepping Logs placed around the course allows children to complete the trail without even stepping foot on the ground! The varied selection of high-quality timber pieces means whole classes can play together on the course, selecting their starting points and supporting each other at every opportunity.

Active Equipment to Interest and Excite Learners

A short walk from the Trim Trail pupils can find the Climb Through Tunnel Hill which offers perfect views across the playspace and encourages children to climb, crawl or roll down the cushioned hill.

2 children climbing over the climb through tunnel hill in their playground setting whilst one girl is going through the tunnel

A Restormel Modular Play Tower adds a different height into the space which aids imaginative games. Children could conquer the climbing wall to enter their very own rocket ship before blasting off into space as they zoom down the slide! 

A separate active area away from the main Trim Trail consists of an Incline Climbing Wall Traverse and a Zigzag Log Bridge Crossing. Brightly coloured boulders are the perfect size for children to grip, building motor skills and cardiovascular fitness.

Forest Roll Over Bars have proven to be very popular with pupils hanging upside down and pulling themselves up and around. There are certainly future gymnasts in the making at Denbigh Primary!

3 children rolling over the bars in their playground setting

Magnificent Climbers to Enhance Daily Experiences

Denbigh Community Primary wanted to create magnificent outdoor spaces where pupils could develop physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. The introduction of a Tryfan Climber with Platform Slide allows pupils to do just that!

A class of children playing on the climbing frame in their playground setting

The huge frame caters for pupils of all abilities and ages. Climbing skills can be developed and peer problem-solving is encouraged as children choose their own routes. Pupils love the platform and slide which help to build communication and social skills.

The beautiful Active Tree Top Learning Den can transport children to other worlds entirely. A treetop house is a dream for most children, especially when you can share it with friends; telling stories, reading books and devising your own games. Even the area underneath the deck can be made into a relaxing, social hub.

A young boy stood at the top of a climbing frame in his playground

Kirsty Bird, Pastoral Lead and member of the Governing Body at Denbigh chose Pentagon Play as she believed the quality of our products provided excellent value for money. Kirsty commented that the project has had phenomenal benefits for pupils' emotional and physical well-being. Pupils’ confidence and self-esteem have rocketed as they have become more independent and self-aware.

Teaching Assistant, Kimberly Burnip told us that children are now stimulated during playtimes, relationship have greatly improved leading to less disagreements and creating a calm playtime atmosphere. Improved playtimes have had a positive impact on lesson time too as children show greater concentration and focus.

Denbigh Community Primary had a term time installation which staff thought added to the excitement and intrigue of the project as children could see their playspace taking shape. Kirsty would urge other schools who are thinking about developing their outdoor space with us to “Go for it, you won’t regret it!”

If you would like to develop your outdoor play space just like Denbigh Community Primary School has, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our helpful Outdoor Learning Consultants!