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A Play Space of Dreams for Monkleigh Primary School

A Bright and Colourful Play Space for Monkleigh Primary School

A once flat, uninspiring, grey space has been totally transformed into a ‘Playspace of Dreams’ for the youngest members of Monkleigh Primary School, situated in Devon.

Our Playground Consultant, Nicole Fairman, was delighted to work with senior members of school staff and knew exactly how to create an active environment where pupils’ confidence and team work skills would flourish.


An Innovative Design Creates a Challenging


The first task for our incredible team of installers was to erect Bow Top Timber Fencing around the perimeter of the new site. Our timber fencing gives a beautiful, natural feel and ensures safety, with easy access for staff through two gated panels.

children climb on the harter fell climber inside the zone that has been created with brown timber bow fencing

The sloping landscape needed careful consideration and Nicole created the perfect playground design to accommodate this which incorporated a Figure of Eight Roadway. Pupils develop core strength and gross motor skills as they pedal, scoot and skip round the track.

The roadway helps children to learn essential road safety skills through play by taking account of the zebra crossing, roundabout and arrows indicating direction.

Numbered parking bays ensure that vehicles are cared for and always ready to be selected by the next driver!

children scoot around the grey and white roadway on their bikes with helmets on

A Space to Put Climbing Skills to the Test!

A top priority for Monkleigh Primary was to create an area where children could develop physical skills and climbing confidence. Our Harter Fell Climber has proven to be extremely popular with pupils as they work together to reach the top and discover the many possibilities to conquer the beams and ropes.

children scale the timber climber with ropes

The climber adds a different dimension to the space and provides pupils with amazing views over rolling Devon countryside.

kids run around on the climber and test their physical strength

Which Den Shall We Build Today?

The addition of our Artificial Grass Playturf lifts the aesthetics of the outdoor area, creating an appealing space that pupils can’t wait to explore. We added a shockpad layer underneath the climber to ensure ultimate safety and protection as children learn to take risks.

children climb on the climber with artificial grass surfacing beneath the climber

On the other side of the track, we created a place where pupils could comfortably sit with friends.

Den Making Posts develop children’s creativity and collaboration as they weave fabric through the holes to create a reading nook or a cosy corner where a puzzle can be solved.

children stand around the den making posts and play with the toys in the circle

A Small Self-Selecting Store ensures that outdoor resources are easily accessible and can be placed away carefully. Children are able to take ownership and care of their resources and can make decisions about which equipment to use which helps to promote independence.

It was a pleasure to create an exciting and stimulating environment for the pupils of Monkleigh Primary. There is now a high emphasis on outdoor exercise and plenty of opportunities for children to develop core muscles. Pupils seem overjoyed with their new playspace as they explore, build connections and learn through play.

children pack away their resources into their new timber storage unit

Kate Emptage -EYFS Lead Teacher spoke to us about the impact the new space has had on her pupils:

“The children are thrilled with their new area - as are we! Pupils now have an excellent space to climb and cycle and we have seen massive improvements in their physical skills, abilities and confidence. Their team work and ability to negotiate is developing as they build dens. The climbing frame is incredibly popular and the cycle and scooter lane is also a huge hit!”

a whole view of the playground with a grey roadway, artificial grass, timber den making posts and a climber