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A Marvellous Outdoor Transformation for Newall Green Primary!

A Multitude of Marvellous Outdoor Spaces for Newall Green Primary School

Newall Green Primary School, located in Manchester, wanted to improve their outdoor environment by creating various multi-purpose areas for learning and for pupils to develop their physical fitness.

We were delighted to work alongside teaching staff on this project, transforming various areas of the vast school grounds in order to benefit a large number of pupils.

A Beautiful Spot for Collaboration

Newall Green were eager to add an Outdoor Classroom to their attractive, tree-lined grounds. Various options were discussed and it was decided that our Hexagonal Gazebo would be the perfect fit for the school.

the hexagonal gazebo sits on the green grass of the field whilst the children sit on the benches

A Hexagonal Gazebo provides a fantastic sheltered classroom that can be used by various classes throughout the academic year. Benches provide comfortable seating for whole class or group lessons to take place in the great outdoors. The new space can be used for group discussions, sharing stories and lesson plenaries. Learning about the natural world around them has never been so much fun as children develop their curiosity through practical, outdoor lessons.

children sit inside the gazebo on the benches and listen to a teacher leading a lesson

Gather Together in the Great Outdoors

Next to the sheltered outdoor classroom we made use of the beautiful, extensive grounds at Newall Green by creating an open-air meeting space. Our Storytelling Chair and Perch Benches work well together to create a circular seating arrangement, ideal for sharing ideas, class assemblies or moments of quiet reflection.

children sit on the perch benches in a circle facing the storytelling chair

A collection of five Picnic Tables has created a wonderful communal area where children can relax and socialise with friends during breaks and lunchtimes. The picnic tables also create work stations where children can gather and record their ideas whilst observing and investigating outdoors.

children sit around on the picnic tables and talk to their friends

New Challenges to Explore during Playtimes

Over on the KS1 playground we installed our Wistman’s Forest Trim Trail which encourages pupils to actively work together during playtimes. The outdoor adventure begins as pupils learn how to travel across the tightrope bridge, before challenging themselves to remain balanced on the log weaver.

children cross the wistmans forest trail

Young adventurers learn how to problem solve when stepping on the rope traverse and end the trail with the platform to platform beam crossing which encourages pupils to develop communication skills whilst having plenty of fun! Friends can encourage and help each other to achieve their climbing goals by demonstrating and explaining their fantastic gross motor techniques.

children cross the rope traverse on the wistman's forest trail

Across from the forest trim trail we added a selection of bespoke playground markings which included a:

children run around between the timber logs and cross from platform to platform

The addition of these markings has completely changed how children spend their playtimes, encouraging plenty of collaboration and active play. Pupils can challenge themselves to complete 12 laps of the track, race with friends or develop football skills. A firm favourite is the activity trail which allows pupils to follow instructions or to work together to devise their own actions and games.

We really enjoyed working with the team at Newall Green to create various learning and active zones that encourage children to exercise and explore within the outdoor environment.

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children sit on the timber picnic tables and listen to their teacher teaching them a lesson outdoors