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A New Playground Space for Red Oaks Primary School


The Customer

Red Oaks Primary School in Swindon, part of the Parks Academies Trust, strives to ensure that all of their pupils feel fully supported and guided, and they also have a safe and nurturing environment to learn within.

This, of course, starts with the team of teachers and staff that support the pupils along their learning journey. However, it also includes physical environment, like an outdoor play space that offers learning through play opportunities for all of their children.

Creating a safe and nurturing environment for their pupils was one of the reasons that the team at Red Oaks reached out to Pentagon Play to work with them.

children sit around a sandpit and play with the materials

The Objectives

After seeing the work that Outdoor Learning Consultant, Nicole Fairman, had done on Orchid Vale, the staff at Red Oaks Primary School knew that they wanted something very similar.

Bright and inviting, Orchid Vale prioritised active play for their learners, wanting a space where their pupils could build their gross motor skills and become more confident through play.

a shot of the wetpour roadway with children scooting around it

From there, Nicole knew where to start with this design and development.

Our Approach

Nicole worked closely with the school to develop a space that suited their needs and requirements.a little boy plays in the sand

Nicole began working on the nursery playground, as she knew that the school wanted to develop active play in this area, and so she had a base to work from.

Nicole added the Get Set Go! Blocks- The Mendips Set and the Harter Fell Climber to the space, offering exciting active play opportunities for children to explore their gross motor skills and build key physical skills such as balance and strength.

a little boy climbs on the harter fell climbing frame, using the ropes for support

Nicole also added creative and imaginative play elements to this space for the pupils to explore.

Nicole incorporated a Giant Playhouse with Walls, Chalkboard and Benches into the design, as well as Den Making Posts and a Sliding Sand Pit with Roof.

Children will love exploring their imagination and storytelling abilities as they explore these products and interact with their peers. They will make friends for life in this exciting and interactive space.

a child stands inside the decorated giant playhouse

The Results

The nursery pupils at Red Oaks now have a fantastic space to learn and grow, and they’re thrilled with the results.

Nicole also worked on the main playground at Red Oaks, developing an environment where pupils can socialise with their peers, let off steam and take in the fresh air.

This space features several den environments, in the form of 2 Wigwams, a set of Den Making Posts, and a Forest Floor Learning Den with 2 Windows, Bench and Grass Base.

In these spaces, children can sit with their peers, build their communication skills and work on their personal, social, and emotional skills. These environments are also great for mindfulness!

a shot of the canopy that was constructed at red oaks

For those with an interest in performing arts, they can don the Large Performance Stage and give their classmates an Oscar-worthy performance of acting, dancing, singing, gymnastics or something else.

For those pupils looking to build their upper body strength, they can hop onto the Forest Monkey Bars and strengthen themselves through play!

Isn’t this just such an exciting play development for Red Oaks?

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