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A Wonderful EYFS Transformation for Wynndale Primary School

The Customer

Wynndale Primary School, located in Nottinghamshire, promote high academic standards whilst valuing creativity. The school’s early years curriculum is play based with a mixture of child led and adult directed activities. Headteacher, Rebecca Rickersey, wanted to create an exciting outdoor space where young learners could play, learn, explore and collaborate together.

a birdseye view of the playground

Their Objectives

The EYFS outdoor area was a flat, blank tarmac canvas ready to be transformed into colourful, enticing learning zones. The space needed to:

  • Allow for plenty of active play to develop key physical skills.
  • Encourage socialisation and the progression of communication and language development.
  • Provide opportunities for sensory exploration.

Our Approach

A variety of new surfacing options has made a huge difference to the space. Artificial Grass Surfacing creates a brighter, softer playground with a natural feel. The outdoor environment can now be used in all weather conditions and little maintenance is required. Sections of blue, yellow and brown Wetpour surfacing form different zones and provide protection from trips and falls! Aesthetically pleasing Bow Top Timber fencing has been used to separate learning areas with gate access for safety.

a child kneels on a get set go block and looks at the camera

A Pinnacle Hill Climber offers many opportunities for physical development as pupils create their own climbing routes. Balance and core stability is needed to travel across the beams whilst learning correct foot placement.

A mighty addition to the physical development zone are the Get Set, Go! Blocks – The Mendips Set. Pupils have created their own courses which require jumping, stepping and leaping from one interesting block to another!

children climb on the pinnacle hill climber

Den making is now a possibility with a set of 5 Den Making Posts. Various fabrics can be woven through totem holes to create intriguing, child-led spaces.

Construction play has been taken to a whole new level with the addition of the Play Builder – Engineer Set. Creativity and problem-solving skills are required as learners work together to connect a series of components consisting of blocks, lids, ramps and planks of different sizes. This resource is fantastic for collaborative builds as children create active trails, planes, cars or even dragons! Possibilities for builds are endless as pupils trial their ideas and bring them to life!

a child practises balancing on the play builder engineer set

Sensory playground essentials include a Sand Table on Wheels, Mud Kitchen, Mud Box, Rope and Pulley Materials Mover and Water Wall with Water Play Package. Pupils are connected to nature as they mix mud, water and natural ingredients to create their own fantastic recipes! Fine and gross motor skills are developed when loading and transporting mud using the rope and pulley system. Rich language is also promoted as pupils share and explain their ideas.

A Forest Floor Learning Den provides an elevated, cosy space where pupils can take themselves away to sit, read, relax and socialise. Pupils can sit comfortably on the artificial grass base or on the bench providing a fantastic learning hub which can be personalised with adult enhancements.

two children stand on the steps of the get set go blocks, with the giant mirror on posts standing behind them

Pupils are keen to put on a show thanks to their new Performance Stage with Chalkboard. Learners can truly express themselves through movement, singing and dancing which links to many different curriculum areas and interests. Audience members can also join in the fun by playing different rhythms to enhance shows on their Drum Seats. A Giant Playground Mirror helps budding actors to prepare their costumes and practise their lines!

The introduction of 3 Interactive Chalkboard Panels on Wheels, a Giant Chalkboard and an Easel Table help to encourage a love of mark making using different materials. Learners enjoying sitting at the easel table to practise their phonic learning, a fantastic resource for teacher modelling.

a little girl sits and draws on the easel

The Results

Curiosity, independence and critical thinking are just some of the skills early years pupils at Wynndale display on a daily basis. The outdoor transformation enables practitioners to plan for a wider and more varied curriculum which is fun and exciting for students, generating a real love of learning.

Early years pupils have been given the best possible start to their education, supporting the school’s vision, ‘Every Wynndale Learner is given the Chance to Shine!’

a shot of the outdoor play space

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