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Creating Interesting, Active Zones for Weston Park Primary School

The Customer

Weston Park is a small, diverse primary school in the heart of North London. The school prides itself on being a centre for excellence at the heart of the community. Headteacher, Katie Coombes wanted to increase activity at playtimes, allowing pupils access to a range of physical activities where new interests could be discovered.

a birdseye view of the climber and outdoor classroom gazebo

Their Objectives

Weston Park partnered with Pentagon Head of Sales, Sam Flatman to create a vibrant, exciting place to learn and play. The school envisioned a playspace where children could work collaboratively to solve problems, develop communication skills and let imaginations and creative ideas flow.

a birdseye view of the green artificial playturf

Our Approach

The new playspace, with fluid lines and contrasting levels instantly appeals to learners. Pupils now have their own Outdoor Classroom Gazebo which is the perfect place for lessons and social interaction.

The waterproof structure can be used in all weathers, allowing children to appreciate the wonder of the changing seasons. Five benches provide plenty of seating when participating in lively group projects or for times of quiet reflection.

children stand inside the outdoor classroom gazebo

Our unique Wigwam is a wonderful outdoor den for children to enjoy with their friends whether, reading, constructing or playing boardgames. The Wigwam is often a base for the creation of games and stories, helping children to engage in imaginative play.

A Giant Playhouse is a wonderful, open-ended piece which promotes role-play and personal, social and emotional development. Everyone is welcome in the large playhouse and pupils can decide whether to create a shop, house, restaurant or doctors’ surgery using the chalkboard wall to practise mark-making to bring ideas to life.

three little boy stand inside the giant playhouse and talk

An eye-catching obstacle sitting on top of a vivid splash of blue wetpour surfacing is the ever-popular Bowfell Climber. This pyramid-shaped climber builds children’s strength and climbing confidence as they find their own routes around the wooden beams. All pupils can succeed on this climber by choosing their own levels to climb to, slide down and jump from!

Weston Park selected various obstacles from our extensive range to create their very own active Trim Trail. The trail consists of:

Pupils all round physical fitness has improved since using the trail as they have practised balancing, improved grip strength and travelled in different ways.

children play on the active play trail

The Wobbly Log Traverse has proven to be a favourite piece as it offers the children many options for movement. Learners have enjoyed swinging either in a standing or seated position, balancing and weaving their bodies through the ropes and hopping, stepping and jumping when dismounting.

A large area of Artificial Grass Playturf creates a comfortable surfacing option with a natural look and feel. The new playspace can now be used in all weathers, allowing children to run, roll and sit with their friends whilst enjoying the benefits of being in nature.

three children sit on the platform to platform beam crossing

The Results

Weston Park Primary School now have an attractive, appealing playground space which is accessible for all whilst providing the right level of challenge. It was wonderful to see pupils effectively communicating and co-operating with each other as they improved their flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

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