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A Trim Trail Space for Maes Y Pant!

A Community Space for Maes Y Pant!

A resource for the local community, Maes Y Pant wanted to add to this wooded former quarry to make it a more engaging and unique space for local visitors and their children!

Maes Y Pant worked closely with Outdoor Learning Consultant, Tom Hollingworth, to add a trim trail to their space that children can use to build key gross motor skills, such as balance and coordination through play.

This is a great addition for the local community and we are thrilled to share this fantastic woodland play equipment project with you.

a birdseye view of the new trim trail for maes y pant

A Happy Harter...

Great for allowing children to explore their problem-solving skills, this Harter Fell climber challenges pupils to use their innovation and creativity to map their way from one side of the climber to the other!

Using the hanging hand-hold ropes above their head, children can build their upper arm strength as they support themselves through their climb.

This facility is also great for developing communication skills as children learn how to describe the movements they are making as they work their way across the climber.

children climb on the harter fell climber

Terrific Trim Trail…

The Trim Trail that Maes Y Pant had installed consists of various different individual items pulled together to make an interesting and unique trim trail like no other!

The Log Balance Weaver with Horizontal Beam challenges children to perfect their balancing skills, finding their way in between the various posts before hopping down at the end and moving onto the next challenge!

children use the beams to support themselves on the log balance weaver

Both the Horizontal Log Bridge Crossing and Stepping Stone Traverse are low level options for supporting children’s development of coordination and confidence. As they successfully move onto each step, they will feel more sure that they can complete the trail.

The Slalom Weave Traverse is a super cool space for children to explore, slipping between each post without having to jump down from the traverse.

children use the ropes to support themselves as they cross the climber

The Walk and Stretch steps are great for children who are still learning to climb and becoming more confident. They can try these low-level simple posts before progressing to something more challenging.

The Forest Roll Over Bars are also great for children looking to challenge themselves as they can be used to swing, climb or perhaps even flip if the children are confident enough. The choice is theirs!

children cross the walk and stretch steps

This is a great use of children's playground equipment for the local community around Maes Y Pant and we hope they absolutely love this new space.

If you live nearby, why not go and check out the new Pentagon trail!

If you have a space like Maes Y Pant that you would like to add commercial play area equipment to, why not Contact Us Today and talk through your idea with one of our In-House Learning and Play Advisors.

a birdseye view of the trim trail development