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Ribble Drive's Fitness, Teamwork and Friendship Remodel!

Crazy Colourful Chaos at Ribble Drive Primary School

Looking to develop their early years area and main school playground, Ribble Drive contacted Pentagon Play to help them with their big ambitions!

Ribble Drive wanted to create a play zone that put the focus on fitness, teamwork and friendship and so, were looking for some guidance as to how they could make this possible…

Our team of Outdoor learning consultants were delighted to be able to work together with Ribble Drive and create this amazing new project! 

Plenty of play opportunities…

Looking to implement a space that all of the classes would be able to use, Ribble Drive opted for the installation of a Multi-Use Games Area!

This space is ideal for any school looking to create a double sports and play environment. 

children run around on the green artificial grass surfaced MUGA playing football

Fitted with Deluxe Artificial Grass Surfacing, children will be able to glide across as they shoot the football into the goal, dribble it along to their friends and become the football tournament champions of the school!

This play space is just like the professional pitches and creates the ultimate P.E space for the children here at Ribble Drive!

children run around on the green grass surfaced MUGA, playing with a yellow ball

Climbing Confidence…

Looking to create an amazing active play zone that will be ideal for children to build their climbing confidence, Ribble Drive decided that the Puzzlewood Forest Circuit suited their needs the most! 

children run around on the puzzlewood forest circuit as they climb on the rope surface

With multiple rope-based climbing challenges, the pupils will be able to build their coordination, upper arm strength and spatial awareness as they navigate their way across these different challenges…

With the timber swinging log traverse, the children will be able to improve their confidence as they cross the path, using their physical strength to hold onto the ropes as they do so! 

a birdseye view of the puzzlewood circuit with the children playing on it

They also have access to the amazingly colourful climbing wall, where pupils will build their problem-solving skills as they select which rock to utilise next to their climbing advantage. 

This is one of our most exciting circuits and we’re sure that the children at this school absolutely love it!

children play on the puzzlewood circuit

Pupils can also climb the lower Harter Fell Climber with Platform and Slide if they would prefer to develop their skills prior to joining in with the Puzzlewood!

This is a great starter climber and is perfect for the EYFS pupils to develop their gross motor skills through play!

children climb on the climber side of the harter fell whilst others use the climbing wall feature and some use the slide

An Array of Colourful Markings…

Another play aspect that this school selected in order to reach their goals of encouraging fitness is the brand new range of Thermoplastic markings! 

The new Sports Trail will encourage pupils to join in with star jumps, press ups and short distance sprints. This space is bright and colourful and is sure to engage the children in active play during their free time, improving the sports reputation of the whole school…

The pupils also have access to individual sports markings in the form of instructions such as ‘stretch’, ‘hop’ and ‘spin’. 

children stand on the muga and play football with the yellow ball

These markings are such a fun and unique way of inviting pupils to participate in exercise of their own volition. 

Or, if sport isn’t their thing, then they can always make time to work on their teamwork and friendship skills with the new Chess Board Marking on the surfacing! 

Problem-solving, logic and creativity have never been more accessible or easily-developed than with these markings!

If you would like to see more of Pentagon Play's Active Play Products then take a look now! 

children sit on the harter fell climber a smile at the camera and wave