Joshua Boissery

Product Technician

I spent a lot of my early life between Australia and the UK before moving back to the UK full time for school! This was when my love for science, in particular physics, grew. Learning to apply a new equation or function and combine it with others is like unlocking a missing piece to understanding the world!

Having this interest and love of physics is perfect for my job as I love identifying where we can improve and finding those solutions. 

Even though I love my role now and think I'm well suited to it, I always thought I'd be a military aviator growing up and my interest in flying is still very much present. I love flying gliders in my spare time and I have an affinity with birds- I love training them!

They are also really good photography subjects which is convenient as I was shortlisted for young photographer of the year in 2020!






Joshua Boissery Joshua Boissery

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