Steve Dunlop

Management Accountant

Growing up in Tyne & Wear, I spent a lot of my time outdoors playing all types of sports! I really developed a love for it that continues to this day! This inspired me to want to become an architect and design golf courses and sports venues! Really, I just wanted to visit all the famous venues...

Fortunately for me, my career has enabled me to do that- it's crazy the places you end up in life! 

My interest in architecture might seem a bit out of left field, but I really enjoyed the intricacy of Technical Drawing at school, as well as the creativity of designing items. Whilst I might have never anticipated going into accountancy, I now get to do a job that allows me to implement all of my previous experience as well as work with a range of departments and individuals, meaning no two days are the same!

When I was younger, I worked alongside my school mates to raise money for Action Aid, which ultimately got us nominated for a "Child of Achievement Award"! Lucky for us, we won and even got a trip to The Guildhall in London for the official ceremony! 

Steve Dunlop Steve Dunlop

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