Samantha Tolley

Digital PR and Content Marketing Executive

Growing up in lovely Cheshire, I got to know the area and its' miles of countryside very well. Country walks and picnics in the sun have always been a staple of my weekends and still are to this day. However, as much as I love my home county, I do love a visit to the beach to chill in the sand and splash in the sea! Plus, fish and chips at the seaside are the best...

Working with Pentagon is the perfect combination between wanting to be a teacher when I was younger and wanting to work in Marketing now. I get the opportunity to work somewhere that truly changes a child's life and that's what makes this job so enjoyable. Even though I only joined in September 2021, I already feel a part of the Pentagon Family- it's such a lovely place to work. 

I think this job is ideal for me really, I have a degree in creative writing and I love all things imaginative and fun so getting to participate in things such as Roald Dahl Day, Christmas Jumper Day and more and then getting to write about them is the dream! Time flies when you really enjoy the work you do! 

Samantha Tolley Samantha Tolley

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