Samuel Shaw

Outdoor Learning Consultant

I might have been born on Friday 13th but I've certainly had some luck in my life so far! I grew up in the beautiful Heysham, exploring the Northern coastline and the Lake District as I grew up. This has impacted me for life as I still really enjoy travelling around the UK and seeing the amazing places on our own doorstep!

However, even though I loved the countryside, I really thought I would move to the city and become a football player for Manchester United. My dad managed a local football team so I thought I might follow in his foosteps one day!

Even though I didn't, I still love the job I have. I get to put my love of problem-solving and my design skills into my work now with my technical drawings and playground consultations! Seeing mine and the school's idea come to life through my drawings and the 3D modelling is really rewarding. 

Samuel Shaw Samuel Shaw

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