Thomas Hanson

Technical Director & Shareholder

I direct and manage the Marketing, Accounts, Product and Systems teams (MAPS), with products being my specialism. Coming from a career in architecture, I'm pretty good at the big picture stuff and long-term strategy, achieving Pentagon's shared business goals through carefully thought through plans with a firm grasp of the imagined end goal. I'm the guy you come to with a question (about anything really) and if you need an opinion on something, particularly if it crosses departments, I'm your man who can offer the holistic view. I manage great team leaders and get involved in diverse and interesting (and mundane) projects. I've moved from designing buildings to building a great company and empowered, epic employees. 

Individually, I've designed products from the mud kitchen and water wall to our larger treehouse projects. I helped conceive then project managed and delivered 'Kevin' - our internal cloud software system that manages the company (and the website) - and now co-ordinate its ongoing development. I designed the website too. My next/ongoing project is the development of our product portfolio, while furthering 'Kevin' (still in his infancy), our website, and the systems integrated with it.

I love what we do, am proud of our values and the team we have, and (because of being at the centre of many things within Pentagon) am lucky enough to be involved in shaping the company and driving its future. 

Thomas Hanson Thomas Hanson

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