Thomas Hanson

Technical Director & Shareholder

I joined Pentagon back in the summer of 2009 and have been lucky enough to have been central to some of the biggest projects the company has undergone (and is to undergo!). I'm Technical Director for the group, responsible for the Products Department and project managing our internal software system and have done since both of their inception. I also manage the Northern Accounts and Visualisation Teams - from cloud accounting to VR! I love the variety and being Pentagon's projects man, equally at home on the tools or a complex spreadsheet, an ideas man with vision, determination and makes things happen.

My background is Architecture but I did an English degree before that, I've designed buildings but now design play products and have a six year old boy I adore (plus his mum of course). I love what we do, working here, leading here. Our focus is children, and we all care and share the same goal of creating exceptional places for play and learning. I'm proud of individual achievements and even more proud of the team, and love most of all the smiles on the kids faces when they play on our playgrounds.

Thomas Hanson Thomas Hanson

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