Flo Bullock

Playground Designer

I spent most of my childhood in the rural countryside on my family farm playing with my sister and cousins, surrounded my animals and nature.

Ever since being a child, I’ve always wanted to do something creative, my first dream job was to become an artist.

At school, my favorite subject was art because I've always loved being creative, drawing and making things, which is probably why I enjoy my role at Pentagon so much!

I love everything about my job, I get to be as quirky as I like and the team are like family to me.

I am a active member of young farmers, so spend my spare time helping at or going to events and competitions with them. I also have my own Pedigree fold of highland cows, so spend any other time I have training them.

A fun fact about me is that I love to spontaneously do random things. (the office can definitely vouch for this!)

Flo Bullock Flo Bullock

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